Friday, August 13, 2010


Dear All 39°C 's Managements, Committees, Members,

With proud and pleased, we would like to inform and announce that the 39°C's committee has been formed as per follows:

Advisor : Mr. Phang Jinn Shien
Chairman : Mr. Tan Hiyin Tiong
Vice Chairman : Mr. Ho Ngee Sheong
Secretary : Ms. Ong Yain Chaing
Treasurer/Accountant : Ms. Tan Bee Bee
Photography Information Updater : Mr. Phang Jinn Shien
Editor/Copywriter : Mr. Tan Hiyin Tiong
Public Relation/Social Media : Mr. Patrick Lim
Visualizer : Mr. Patrick Lim
Programme or Event Planner/Scheduler : Mr. Lim Huey Shyang
Web Developer : Ms. Foo Yee Ling
Member : Edwin Lau, May Tang, Chia Kang Yee, Woodstock, Irene Chan, Chia Lau, XXX, XXX.....

On behalf of the management, We wish to congratulate you on your appointment. We look forward that you shall commit yourself to a greater and continuous commitment, dedication, high standards of quality and productivity and perform your duties and responsibilities more diligently and conscientiously.

We welcome you to be one of 39°C 's family and “shoot” harmony with us.

Thank you.

Best regards,
On behalf of 39°C's Management


Unknown said...


乙想 said...

感谢您那么看得起39C. 哈哈。。。。说来惭愧。

这份电邮是我自编的。然后,寄致陈贤忠,愿因此可以推动39C再次活跃, 发挥其作用。

最终,我想这只是我各人的一厢情愿而已。39C将不会成功的啦!!! 因为每个人都想留给自己多一点自由空间与时间。^^

Anonymous said...

ee...? I also become the committee member ar? Disappear for quite a long time wor..haha

乙想 said...

haha....i guess you are Huey Shyang, right?

hehe....don't worry la...this is just a draft and proposal....i think it won't be approved by the Chairman la...haha...