Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy Birthday 2009

This morning,
There is another surprise from "Zabo"(Veron) in the early morning.
I received a morning call from her with the greeting of Happy Birthday.
Followed by a birthday song sung by her with a group of PJ Office colleagues.
It's a shock to me as i was still sleeping and i never expect the birthday song through phone.

Well, i was very happy with a little bit shy when hearing they sang the song.
Special thanks to "Zabo" for the arrangement and regards.

At the same time, i got a call from my boss with the instruction to compose few emails and send out to overseas and local counterparts.
While doing so, i received a lot of incoming happy birthday greeting sms and it made my hp hang and needed to restart.

I felt very touching and happy due to I received a lot of wishes and regards from all of the frens, colleagues and family.

Thanks for the wishes from my beloved sister, Zabo Veron, Ah Han, Buddy Lee Fen, Wely, Ah Foo, Vincent Brother, Joey, Zabo Nicole, Weng Seng, Hans, Su Nee, Ah Kat, Huei Ling, Kiok Su, Chin An, Mr. Thun, Bee Bee, Ah Lui Wan Ching..


CKC said...

Happy Birthday man...

your zabo nicole said...

So I am under the "zabo" category. so cute la u.y u so cute one. Happy turning 30! stay youth and cool okay. you have all my blessings in your future undertakings. xoxo.

乙想 said...

Thanks Khai Jun.

Thanks zabo, muahahahaha....

^Bee_Bee^ said...

I am a little behind,
Happy Belated Birthday, friend.

乙想 said...

Late rather than never...hehe..Thanks Bee Bee..