Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Birthday Eve 2009

Today, It's a very special day for me.
Special thanks to all of my colleagues who gave me a surprise, touching and memorable day.
Thanks to Fizah, Zana, Ameertha, Alice, Ms. Eng, Syidi, Ms. Tan, Ida, HH, Azli...
Thanks for the Birthday Celebration, Cake, Birthday Song and Present.
Thanks to Fizah for helping us to take photo & thanks to Zana for helping me to cut the cake.

Concerning to the present,
It's a mythical animal that brings luck and wards off evil (貔貅).
It's really unbelievable that the said present is chosen by my non-chinese colleagues.
They know me very well as I really like it very much.
Hence, I have to violate my principal to compose this blog in English.

there is a post in the past namely "红的 白的" (Red & White).
The content is pertaining to "wedding ceremony/dinner" and "the event of funeral".
I will try to avoid it whenever possible.
Of course including the "event of Birthday Celebration".

Due to I have always hint them that I'm not particular on it.
Therefore, I never expect they will do that for me.
But, at the end, they did it.
Even though I have resisted this kind of event.
But, I accepted the regards from all of my colleagues.

Thanks to Jason too for the dinner and perfume.
Thanks for the wishes from Evlyne, Jefferey, Suriya, Saw, Peck Wan, David.....


PIJA a.k.a pijot said...

"Happy Besday Edwin"...what a relief when u said u like the present...coz' we really take time to choose the best present for afraid is does not suit u...

乙想 said...

I love it very much....Thanks a lot and when i opened it, it was surprising me and i never expect you guys will select this kind of item as my birthday present. It's very nice. Thanks thanks....